For the love of RICE…

I’ve been HUGELY interested in learning the effects of energy and vibrations on the human body.  I’ve had a lot of time to read, watch, and “google” my little heart out lately and I’m always drawn to the “mystery sciences”.  So I thought I’d share this gem I stumbled upon while researching Masaru Emoto’s; this is his rice experiment.  It proves how energy & vibrations (thoughts and words) effect rice.

YES, rice.

So here’s the experiment: (TEACHERS: PAY CLOSE ATTENTION- you can do this in your class the first week of school!)

YOU WILL NEED: 3) Mason jars or similar containers

  • Label 1: “LOVE”
  • Label 2: “HATE”
  • Label 3: (nothing, leave this one blank it will be completely ignored as a “control”)

* You can label them any way you want: a sharpie on Tupperware, a masking tape on a jar, I did mine by printing tiny labels of all sorts of loving and hateful words and sticking on my rice jars: 20130108_023509

Then you put cooked rice in each container. (confession: I tried a short cut by not cooking the rice and I did my experiment with 1/2 uncooked rice and 1/2 water, it still worked the same but the cooked rice will give you quicker results) You can leave the containers open or closed. The experiment will work either way.


Easy, all you do is set these jars next to each other where you will see them everyday, and at least once a day say the words on the jar to the rice.  It will be silly at first- but say the word/words like you mean them with full intention and emotion.  TEACHERS can set these jars at the entrance of their classroom and have all of the students acknowledge the jars when they come and go. (uh, except that third one remember? You’re supposed to ignore that one!)

WEEK 1: You’ll have an “ah-what-the-hell-is-happening” moment.  Don’t freak out- this rice is NOT going to climb out of the jar and divulge nuclear secrets, but it IS holding onto some crazy science shit right now!

The “hate” rice will start to grow mold. Intense Mold. Mine started within a week, and TEACHERS with a classroom of 30 or so kids talking to it every day it should grow even faster.  The “love” rice with smell floral and sweet, without green, black, or red mold; it looks good enough to eat! And the ignored rice will get almost as smelly as the “hate” rice.  (Because it stinks to be ignored.) The experiment is meant to last 30 days, but fair warning the “hate” rice WILL smell so bad that you may gag from across the room.

THE HOW: The science of it is explained by energy and vibrations in water.  Everything on earth is made up of energy. The human body is full of energy and is about 60% WATER; children and babies are up to 70% water!   So by using positive and negative words (which have energy) and putting them into the rice (which when cooked is mostly water), it shows a reaction to the words that even a kid can see and understand.

You probably can believe that words have energy because of the way you feel when you say them right? (I rather enjoyed using the “hate” rice to vent/scream into on bad days!) But can you believe the effect that those words can have on you in as little as a week!? And what about thoughts? Do you believe that your thoughts have energy and can affect you and other people you’re near? Ever been in a room where people seemed calm and collected but you could almost choke on the tension? And how many times have you been around someone that you love dearly but they are just completely draining? They don’t even have to be saying or doing anything negative but being around them makes you feel… exhausted?  It’s probably because they’re thinking negative things!  Like: “I hate my job, I hate my car, I hate my life, I hate my body, I hate..” …I mean the amount of negative self talk that each of us say to ourselves everyday is overwhelming and SO DAMAGING.

And guess what those negative thoughts are doing? They are literally rotting you = because YOU ARE the RICE. 20130216_142214

So for the love of RICE, stop rotting yourself and others around you!  Choose positive thoughts & words and it will slowly start to change your life.

(Google “rice experiment by Masaru Emoto” if you want more experiment results and further info! or leave your question in the comments!)


One response to “For the love of RICE…

  • Angel Pricer

    Thanks for sharing this vibrational adventure! I look forward to doing this with my kids and may even have them use the hate jar every time the have whining/anger outbursts….though then the rice may just explode right out of the jar!😜

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